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Professional email that shows you mean business

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Why choose custom email?

  • Establish credibility
  • Easy to set up
  • Get access from anywhere
  • Sync across all devices
  • Simple to use web mail and calendar
  • Auto-responders
Personal Email
Quick and easy email – ideal for setting up your first custom address.
£ 3.49 / month
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    1 email address
  • DISK
    5GB space
    Auto daily
    Anti-virus / Anti-spam
best value
Business Email
5x more storage, perfect for small companies who need plenty of space.
£ 9.99 / month
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    1 email address
  • DISK
    25GB space
    Auto daily
    Anti-virus / Anti-spam

Instant credibility with personalised email

Our business-class email packages are quick to set up, easy-to-use and loaded with everything you need for effective, secure communication, all in one location. Upgrading to a business email address will make your business appear as more professional and trustworthy, making customers more likely to purchase from you.

Stand out with a unique address

Why settle for an address any other business could have? With Email Hosting from South West Hosting, you can create personalised addresses to show clients you're trustworthy and professional.

Sync with mobile email

Stay organised without lifting a finger. Automatically keep your emails synced at all times, whether working on your PC or mobile device.

Stay protected

Don't worry, you're covered. Built-in spam and virus protection keeps you safe from online threats and reduces your vulnerability. As an added bonus, you can wave a final goodbye to junk mail.

Manage everything in one place

Get organised and stay productive with a comprehensive webmail solution. Answer emails, queue up tasks, create calendar events and organise your digital life all-in-one convenient location – a cost-effective solution for any type of business.

Access emails from anywhere

If you've got an internet connection, you've got mail. Instantly connect and manage your fully synced email account from any online device - stay up-to-date, anytime, anywhere.

Use the email client of your choice

Your mail, your way. Want to use Outlook, MacMail or Thunderbird? Our email service is compatible with all email clients, so you can choose the ones that work best for your business.

Never miss a message

Misspelling email addresses is a common problem. Our packages give you the option of creating catch-all aliases. This means any emails sent to an address for your domain that does not exist can be captured so you will never miss any messages ever again.

Strengthen your brand

Simple and secure email hosting that reflects your professionalism

Easy to setup

You can use a new or existing domain name that you already own. You don’t even need a website or web hosting.